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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Studies and Color experimentation

So after going to the Equestrian Center, I decided to go back to the Ken Hultgren book and look at his studies of horses. After making a few copies of them, I realized what I was missing in my drawings: knowledge.... So, I'll be studying more before going out and applying that knowledge to the living breathing beasts in front of me (Coffee shops included). Here is my copy of how a master draws horses.

Also, I've been experimenting with color paper and a white charcoal pencil. Its been pretty rewarding, giving me another perspective on how to approach a drawing. It all comes back to the construction of the subject. ESPECIALLY when it comes to texture and lighting. Here are a few more copies of studies from Hultgren.

Here is a little doodle in the same "style" I am playing with. I know its nothing revolutionary but its fun for me to try out.

I went to the 2nd to last Vilppu class. I had to leave early because my dog has an eye infection and needed me to take his cone of shame off him. But here are a few drawings from that class.
Finally, some more color studies from imagination at home. Glen says that the only way to learn these things he is teaching is to try them at home without a model. That way, you are drawing like the masters who had to make this stuff up. Knowledge is power and these drawings don't lie. I need to learn some more..

Shiny butt.

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