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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cal Arts drawings

I went to a drawing class today at Cal Arts and drew for about 6 hours. I got a few that I wanted to post up.

5 minute poses:

This first one is probably one of my favorites for the day (It wasn't my first drawing of the day).
Not a fan of the head in this one, but I like the way the body turned out enough to compensate for my inability to draw heads.

10 minute poses:

20 minute poses:

This next one was kinda goofy. I started with the head and I like the way it turned out. But the body is a little more realistic than I wanted it to be.
So here is the head...

That is all. One more Vilppu class this week. I'll let you know how it goes....


Mezie said...

I am ashamed to say that I consider myself a good artist as I'm very afraid of being thought of as conceded... but honestly it's hard to give myself any credit whatsoever when I see these works. You are incredible with lines. The first figure drawing of the woman laying down has some of the most beautiful lines I've seen. And I admire you so much for your ability to be confident enough to put your own spin on things even if it's not necessarily "realistic".
I want to study at Cal Arts in a year or so and I really have to step up my game if they expect me to draw like this. Haha. Keep drawing and never doubt your ability, i mean it.

r0mpiendoh_laz_reglaz said...

Son geniales tus dibujos!