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Monday, October 13, 2008

New Drawings!

Here are some more Preston Blair drawings. I've moved onto lesson 2 here and am trying to refine that page. It's been the hardest so far. But I am definitely noticing improvement in my approach to drawing now. With any luck, I'll be through with lesson 2 in a week or 2.

One night, Danny Young and I went out to Brand Street to draw some horse statues. It was dark and I only had time to draw one of them but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. The head looks a little small for the body but I cant tell if its because I was sitting on the ground while drawing or because I suck at proportions. *Please be sitting, please be sitting*

So after drawing dog heads over and over again I decided to go with a more familiar mouse and duck. John K and Steve Worth had posted on their blogs these great model sheets of Mickey and Donald and I tried my hand at a few of those.

Any thoughts?


Block Head said...

So many drawings! Dude you are really getting better and faster with these. And the characters are really popping. I enjoyed the Donald pages the most, lot's of great expressions coming through there! :)

Stephen Worth said...

Your proportions on the donald and mickey stuff are further off than with your generic blair characters. Look at the overall form and judge the proportions before you go forward. Also, commit to a line. Some of your shapes are warping from having too many random lines. Avoid adding lumps and angles that aren't there. (look at the feet lumps on the mickey at the top labelled too long). Also remember that the donald brows are volumetric. The line on the bottom of the brow lump has to relate to the line on the top. Overlay some of these in photoshop, and you'll instantly see what to work on.

Choose three or four poses and do them perfect, rather than a bunch with problems. Solving the problems is how you learn.

Good work!
your pal Steve

Jack Ruttan said...

Why not "Preston Blair" stuff and people around you, like the horse statues?