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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Preston Blair and a BONUS!

Its been a while since I have last posted but that is not because I havent been busy drawing. In fact, its the opposite. I started a job at Rhythm and Hues and have continued to relearn how to draw.

(Keep in mind that these first 2 drawings represent hundreds of other drawings that I have done to get here... seriously, I've filled a sketchbook.)

Corrections by Jojo Baptista

Today we got season passes to the Los Angeles Zoo and are planning on going every Saturday morning to focus on a specific animal. I think next week we will be drawing chimps. This week was elephants. We'll call her Susie.

And for fun...

Any thoughts?


Danny said...

Definitely an improvement over your San Diego elephant! And the Blair stuff looks good, too. You already know my comments though, I'm just posting so your comment sections isn't lonely.

lindsay therber said...

I like Susie :) Great job Michael!