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Monday, June 06, 2011

Long lost post

As always, it has been a while but I thought I would post a bunch of drawings from my most recent outings.

This first one was from a few months back people watching at City Walk.

The other day, I went to the zoo with a lot of great artists. I did a few doodles and thought I would upload. And yes. That is a Gerenuk pooping. And yes. That is a tiger peeing. Don't judge.

My wife, Brittany, started taking up watercolor. She's a natural and I decided to catch her painting her first.

This next masterpiece is a single art piece I call "Variations on a Corgi with a bra on his head." Any buyers?

I also took a trip to the Getty Museum with a bunch of my school buddies and stalked people there.

I have also been keeping up with my figure drawing, and thought I would post a few. There are more recent ones but I don't have them available to me now.

ALSO! I just celebrated my birthday and my wife took me to Van Eaton Galleries. I grabbed that Ollie Johnston model drawing for Little John. I thought I would post up some super lo-res pictures of the few pieces of art I have hanging on my walls, as well as label who did each one. I'm starting a very dangerously expensive habit...

They also had this great maquette from Fantasia 2000 which I grabbed.

Also I went to the Sequoias but thats another post for another day.

Thanks for stopping by!


Simon Streatfeild said...

Everything in this post is yummy.

I love your drawings!
I love Flamingos and I can't believe you have an Ollie drawing! AHH

So many exclamation marks!!!!!
Sequoias !!!!!!

No number of Exclamation marks will suffice to express my astonishment for the variety and yumminess of this blog post.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Nice sketches! (especially the incredibly accurate pooping poses)