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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Animation Mentor DUMP

Thought I would update you kind folks on my progress for Animation Mentor so far. We are nearing the end of the first term and here is all that I have to show for myself. Enjoy!

This is my pose showing Physical Strength and its many revisions. I think I went too far with the first revision and so I toned it back a bit for the final. Here are all the versions in their failing glory:

Also that week, I turned in my revision for the Taylor assignment. I have also included the traditional planning that I did in Flash.

The next week I did a concerned pose and used a model (I designed and had created by ManLouk Chin) of my dog. I got a few notes regarding the feet and overall weight balance of the pose and addressed them in this picture:

Also that week, I turned in a walk cycle. Vanilla-style, meaning that there should be no personality in the walk. Take a look at my purposefully and masterfully boring vanilla walk:

Now we are up to this week. The pose this week (appropriately enough) was exhaustion. I havent gotten my notes for revisions for this one but I imagine there will be many.

The animation assignment this week was to start planning a walk with personality. I wanted to combine the Ballie rig with the Taylor rig so I could give the character a ponytail. I did a lot of research on different walks from Disney films (as well as some live action films) to see how it all works.

So I did some planning in Flash first and got some notes by my awesome fellow students and made my revisions in 2D.

Once I got that working where I liked it, it was time to take it into Maya. I'm awaiting my notes for this one but here it is as I turned it in.

Thanks for stopping by!


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Disappointed that you didn't use 2 Taylors to make a floppy mustache. Just kidding. Great work, Mike!

Simon Streatfeild said...

I agree. Maybe a mustache next week?!
Brilliant work Michael. I love your sketches of Nathan Lane from the Producers.