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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Life Drawing continues from Glen Vilppu's class

Here's a couple of classes worth of drawings that I have done on my Tuesday class with Glen Vilppu. Its good for me to see them all together so I see where I need to grow. Here are the things I see:

1. Proportions
2. Draw some faces and hands...
3. Generally slow down. I rush into the drawing and dont leave enough of a foundation to build on.
4. Make the forms more appealing than my view of the model allows. Figure it out.

(Sorry in advance for the terrible quality of photos here...)
This first set of drawings is from a class with Poseidon. Literally.

These are from today's class.

I'm trying to draw around the forms now. I tend to stick with the outlines with makes things look generally lame and flat. I think I am making some progress here.

Box exercise...
This is a funny story. For this next drawing, I was feeling pretty good about it. It was a 90 minute pose and during one of the last breaks for the model she walked around and peeked at the drawings. When she saw mine, she said "Oh! Its my Avatar body!" Then she laughed...
Some bonus drawings of Brittany while she was watching tv.
Then she fell asleep.
Some old drawings from the zoo.

Saw this girl at the zoo.

That is all, for now.


Archy said...

Nice Drawings. The one with the face was really good.

JR said...

Very impressive work. You are super talented. You're one of 'those' people... =-)