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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally! More has Come!

It is fitting for me to resurrect my blog on Easter Sunday. Since my last post, I have gone to the zoo a couple of times and thought I would share some of those drawings here for anyone who would care to see. They are as follows:

Here are more dogs from the dog park:

This is my dog sleeping today after a long hard day of doing nothing.

Couple of little gazelle things. I forget what they are called.

Hippie llama

Not a llama.

This represents the first time that the bear has decided to come out of his cave at the Los Angeles Zoo. Apparently there were 2 bears. Who knew?

Just lots of monkeys and people who looked even more confused.

This one had a temper

Brittany asked me to draw Stitch playing a guitar. So, I drew Stitch playing a guitar...

Finally, this is what it looks like when I sit in front of my animation desk and have nothing to draw. I just randomly doodle on top of other drawings until I get this mess...

Its not much, but its my life.

1 comment:

outofcharacter said...

oh, such lovely drawings, really. but that poor bear looks awfully saddened.