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Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 posts? Can you believe it?

Today was an extremely productive day for drawing. Steve Worth asked me to draw one of T.S. Sullivant's lions. He was the cartoonist of all cartoonists, providing plenty of material for people to steal through the ages. And they have. Here is the original cartoon lion. Look familiar, anyone?

Heres another, with some photoshoping done so the underdrawing is apparent.

The next is based on a photo of Coraline. I've noticed that her construction is weird, like her eyes aren't on the same plane and are different shapes. Either way, its gonna be an awesome movie.

These are some from a model sheet for Mittens from Bolt. There are some great poses on the original. In fact, some of these are ones that I made up based on the model sheet.

I'm not sure who drew this original drawing but I am at his mercy.

Oh yeah, and another bunny. Of course...

Does anyone have any thoughts? Conveniently, you will find a comment section. You can put your thoughts there!

1 comment:

Block Head said...

Dude! You have been BUSY! lol I think the page with Ren and Stimpy stands out most to me just because it's awesome that you're trying out other styles of drawing. It's important too! :)