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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Unnamed Story

To whom it may concern,

Here are the beats for the story.
-Establishing shot of the Toy Store.
-Boy walks inside the store excited to be there
-Runs around looking at all the toys
-Sees a pirate sword and picks it up
-Now we are in a pirate world where the boy finds himself in the middle of a battle (Whos side he is on is debatable. Have fun Kate).
-Somewhere through the battle, he sees there is something in the water (a toy of a water animal).
-He goes to see it and now is emersed in a fantasy water world. Everything is ok at first and then danger ensues (Have fun Eunice).
-He sees a Space ship toy of some kind and goes to it.
-He blasts off into space through the water.
-There is an asteroid field that he must fly through. he dodges and averts various danger (ManLouk, have a blast).
-His ship is hit and he crash lands on a Dinosaur world.
-It is apparent from the get-go that this is a Dinosaur world.
-He has a chase with a Dinosaur and finds himself running through the jungle. He hits a tree (and/or something.. Once again, Have fun Alexis).
-Transition into the toy store where everything is ruined.
-Ending TBD

I will continue to work on getting the story board done for Chris (the musician) to write music to so we can all time our stuff. Once the music is written, we have to conform our ideas to that time limit. Overall, we want this to be around 2 1/2 minutes so try to keep your sequences short. Quick cuts and such.

The style is so everyone can fit theirs to a 50s style (as if you were creating this cartoon in the 50s for television? How you ask? I'm glad you asked.


  • There is a library of images there from 50s cartoons. Try to adjust your styles to that one. Keep it yours, have your ownership, but just so there is at least some cohesion between the backgrounds and characters, lets all try to make it look 50sish. If you have any questions email me or post a reply to this topic. Thanks again for all of your help.

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    Man Louk said...

    i made something for this thing i will post it on my blog once i get back to orlando